Web Design – how we achieve the goal?

When creating a web page should not be forgotten that it should be viewed positively by your client. At the beginning of our cooperation we define goals, needs and expectations that the website will be fully fulfilled.

Below are the various phases of work on the Web page. Below attached scheme is not universal character. To the needs of each customer we are treated individually and with commitment.


At the very beginning we set exactly the basic functions to be fulfilled page. We also determine its target audience, and deeply analyze the subject matter and the profile of your business. We focus on offering, the existing audience and evaluate collected advertising material and information. A needs analysis is a vital element in the process of creating web pages.


The key task at this stage is to learn from the industry and competitors of the company. We assess the websites of other companies, so we can create a more effective and efficient proposition for our customers. Based on the analysis of competition we can avoid factual errors, technological and design when creating Web pages. This analysis of the competition allows you to reach and convince yourself that group of customers.


The aim of the process, which is planning a detailed definition of web page content and its form of design and basic functions. At this level of work developed the logical structure and content and assesses content, which in future will be on the website. We are open to proposals and suggestions of customers, because their satisfaction is our priority.


Costing is to prepare accurate assessment covering the design and construction of web pages. The offer presents a detailed calculation of the pricing and the main conditions of the project.


After arrangements aimed at clarifying the details and the mutual acceptance of terms and conditions shall sign a contract. This is a signal for us to launch a web page according to customer specifications and conditions of the contract.


Based on previous findings and information collected during the earlier stages of creating sketch version of its website, preliminary design, and we set its navigation system concept. Based on discussions with the client we develop a logical arrangement of individual elements. After completing the project the customer makes its acceptance or final adjustments are applied.


Based on an initial outline of the future Site is gathering material. The website should include original photos, interesting text and sound samples.


After designing the page, corrected if necessary and implement in the life of suggestions and expectations following the acceptance of the solutions we proposed. After the positive customer feedback we begin to implement a Web page.


After final acceptance by the customer of the project, followed by its comprehensive and proper implementation. We make a website based on the specifications set out in the previously signed agreement.

Implementation of a web page includes some visual software development and optimization for promotion.

The visual part:

  • developing the concept of visual page,
  • graphic design website,
  • design and execution of templates for HOME and pages through the introduction of content, photo materials, development of flash animated objects and graphic processing materials supplied by the customer.

Part Programming:

  • designing the logical websites,
  • execution of templates for pages and a homepage through the development and comprehensive implementation of the script which is necessary for the proper functioning of the website

Part – optimization of web pages for promotions:

  • preparing parties to positioning and promotion in search engines.


During the implementation of the website of its individual elements are systematically tested and refined. Our customers have constant insight in the course of our work, because the test version of the service is available at the web address. Testing is a very key step in fulfilling our duties. Every customer is kept informed of its progress.


The end result of our work is to put a web page at the address indicated on the network.


After completion of the websites we can provide additional services. These include web hosting, free website promotion, mailing or care of the service.