Lifting the image – Rebranding

With the development of today’s world are also changing tastes and standards that guide the customers. Each company must take into account that looks completely different way the visual presentation of the company today than it was in the time of its inception.


More and more often we meet with the notion of rebranding. It involves changing the name, logo or corporate image. It is not difficult to see that over the years change logos and logos of companies they become less complicated, more minimalist, undergo a complex synthesis.

Refresh the company’s image is extremely important and can achieve measurable benefits. Sometimes you only need a small change in the company’s logo, and other times need radical action

The most common reasons for upgrading the image:

  • simplifying the company logo to a more readable among consumers,
  • change the company logo to modernize its image,
  • create a new structure with several previously independent entities,
  • creating logos, which works well in different places and cultures around the world.