Designing a logo

Company logo is not just a figurative mark but is an essential part of its identity. His appearance, character and form depend on the needs, profile and scope of the company. Our logo is an essential element of the company’s image, which is reflected in its consistent visual identity. Based on your requirements, the company’s activities, the characteristics of the company and our experience will design a unique symbol by making every effort to best expose and emphasize its unique attributes.

As part of its activities we will create:

  • utility and a basic version of the logo,
  • color developing the logo,
  • graphics associated with the logo,
  • typographical elements of the logo,

A key element of the whole process is adequate rethinking forms of the logo so that in future it meets fully its job. From the very beginning you should invest in the appropriate logo. It is important for a simple, elegant and easy to acceptance- is to include a maximum of information in the most minimalist form.